Work Live with US Doctors in a new industry

A new medical industry is emerging in India

IDS Infotech, in partnership with Augmedix USA, provides training and employment of Medical Scribes who offer service to US doctors with marvels of technology to stream live patient visits to our HIPAA compliant facilities at Chandigarh and Noida, whereby IDS Medical Scribe undertake real-time updates of US hospital EHRs.


Doctors wear
Google Glass


Scribes observe
and participate


Patients get
better care

What is Scribing

Medical Scribe is a novel idea in the field of modern medicine. Conventionally, a doctor’s job has been focusing solely on direct patient contact and care. However, with the advent of Electronic Health Records (EHR), an overload of documentation and clerical responsibilities were created that slowed doctors down and pulled them away from actual patient care. In order to relieve documentation overload, doctors across the USA are now opting for Medical Scribe services.

A Medical Scribe is essentially a personal assistant to the doctor who performs documentation in the EHR, gathers information for patient visits, and partners with the doctor to deliver efficient patient care.

For those interested in medicine, the chance to become a Medical Scribe is unlike any other opportunity available. It offers exciting individualized collaboration with a US doctor, and is exceptional in its level of exposure to bona fide medical practice.


Benefits of Scribing

  • salary


  • us_doc

    Partner with
    a US doctor

  • us_culture

    Learn about
    American culture

  • medical

    Increased medical

  • skills


Deployment as a Medical Scribe at IDS Infotech can be a very rewarding experience. As the business is a niche service, you will be ardently involved with your doctor to deliver peerless health care to their patients.

Dealing firsthand with American doctors will help build confidence in your work and will assures an inimitable learning experience. The opportunity of working up close with a doctor will allow you to personalize service you give to them.

Life of a Scribe

The daily life of a scribe is never dull. It's based on a live relationship with the doctor and requires intelligence, creativity, and medical knowledge. Every patient visit will be different and you will learn something new every day.


Employee Testimonials

Completing a degree and getting a campus placement is all that most of the students desire of!! Well, in my case, it was abit different. I was not prepared to enter the corporate life since I was willing to pursue my masters, but fortunately, I got campus placed in IDS Infotech. This was the turning point in my life. I joined IDS as a Medical Scribe Trainee in July 2016 and during this period of time, I have evolved as a person. Throughout my journey, I got opportunities to work with such an amazing team at IDS, who not only supported me professionally but also helped me to evolve as an individual.

Nitya Universe

I am highly thankful to our wonderful trainers for such an amazing learning experience. I, on the behalf of all trainees can assure one thing for sure that we wouldn’t have come across so far without your keen initiation, dedication, and motivation.
I am happily sharing my experience to colleagues and friends who are looking forwards to join the IDS family and be a part of our great success.

Prabhleen Johal

I am taking this opportunity to express my happiness and gratitude to this esteemed organization for the training and professional skills. Thus, joining IDS InfoTech was indeed one of the best decisions I have ever made.
It was a very good learning experience. All the queries were answered with lot of patience and personal attention. The moral support and encouragement made the journey effortless. Thanks to all the trainers and management for such a wonderful training module.
I am happy to work here with the best employees who are maintaining such a wonderful work culture and interaction with each and everyone to ensure boosted moral.

Rohit Sharma

If you never fail in your life, it simply means you have been doing it way too leniently. Anyone with combination of concentration, typing skills, listening ability, and multi-tasking will definitely succeed in this profile. All you need to have in yourself is patience.

Yashica Aggarwal

What it takes to be a Scribe

The role of a Medical Scribe is quick-paced and challenging. At IDS Infotech, we have developed intensive training programs tailored to suit people from different backgrounds.

With our proven training, transcriptionists, nurses, dentists, microbiologists and even fresh medical graduates with an aptitude for the English language are the closest fit to US Medical Scribes.

    • grad

      Under Graduate or above can apply

    • image

      Fluency in English along with
      good writing skills

    • image

      Quick to pick up new technology
      with good typing speed

    • image

      Attention to detail and focus on
      excellence in execution

    • image

      Passion about healthcare
      and helping people

  • Eligibility

    Our current Eligibility criterion is as follows:

    • Any Under Graduate or above can apply
    • Must possess very good English writing skills
    • Willing to work in regular night shift

    Fresher or Experienced any can apply


Medical Scribe will bring about a revolution in the healthcare industry and we are proud to be pioneering this initiative.
Partap K. Aggarwal, Managing Director,
IDS Infotech.

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